wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted recently, I have been overwhelmed with my new job and the wedding plans. There are so many great things that have happened in NYC since summer began! NYC Design Week started in the middle of May and it has always been my favorite event of the year as a practicing designer. I saw a lot of old friends and professors from school, as well as seeing so many great designs from professionals that come from all around the world. Wanted Design is one of my favorite design shows during the week. There are a lot of independent designers, companies, and schools displaying new work in a unique and cool location. Here are some of my favorites:

wanted design, design week 2014, lighting design
Amazing modular lighting design by David Trubridge. The negative space between each part makes for fabulous shadows.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
LollRIT. Congratulations to the RIT Industrial Design Masters students, for having such a great collaboration with Loll Design. I was so excited to see Josh Owen's new mailbox and outdoor plant stand for Loll (I was super fortunate to help him as an intern in his studio last summer).

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
Copper is a big trend this year, I especially love this adorable and simple stool by Luxx Box.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
A great transition from 2D to 3D. Pai stool by Aled Lewis.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
This design is called All of a Piece  which is a interesting product to have with so many different materials that allow the product to be creatively arrangement in different configurations.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
Lighting design by Violaine D'harcourt,  so elegant and trendy! I wish I could have one at my home right now!

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
Infusion Furniture, Love the details on this stool design.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design
Awesome furniture examples from the design program at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. I had the opportunity to attend this program 2 years prior and it was the most amazing summer course I ever had the chance to attend.

wanted design, design week 2014, furniture design

Furniture design by Debra Folz Design. I love the different angles that these boards were cut in to create the entire table.



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When it comes to making a decision for my wedding, I usually struggle for a while before I decide which way to go. It happened when I was looking for the venue and the dress. This week, I've been looking for a florist as well as trying to narrow down the style of flowers I like. There are so many beautiful designs out there and I just love all the beautiful flowers. It is really hard for me to pick one! However, I took some time to look through my Pinterest and picked out some of my favorites for inspirations. I love the simple and free style with some interesting details, and I want to keep all the colors really light but not all white, such as light pink, peach, and yellow. I can't wait to meet with my florist and start design my own bouquet!



Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the lack of post recently, my computer crashed in the beginning of April and I did a lot of work to bring it back to life. Meanwhile I just moved to NYC and I am looking for a full-time job in the design field. Park Slope is such a beautiful place to live, my fiancé and I are so happy that we made the decision to move here. Our apartment is also very sweet and it officially became our new HOME! We were running around the city looking for furniture and housewares during the past few weeks. We still have a lot of things to do to fill up our apartment, and today I will share some details of my new home that I really love.



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Sammy Dress Cardigan, H&M jeans / boots, Bianco sunglasses, Aldo earrings  

Recently I was introduced a global online fashion retail company called Sammy Dress. They provide on-trend fashions at a very affordable price. I fell into this cardigan when I was looking through their huge fashion collection. The thickness makes it both a cardigan and a coat, the perfect choice for an early spring day when the temperature is till cool in the mornings and afternoon. This was the last outfit I shot in Saratoga and I officially moved into Brooklyn this past weekend (Yeah!) I can't wait to start my new adventure in exciting New York City!